Skillfic A learning platform of Niche and Rare courses
for masters and students

Skillfic is a learning platform for students and instructors
 who wants to have a quality place to learn or teach Niche and Quality courses from masters.

The reason that we developed Skillfic is that most websites that sell online courses are for the masses, that means short courses as introduction or a large course with a lot of work for the Instructor (months) but sales for large amount of students at a small price. 

That is why you don’t find Niche and Rare courses on the those platforms.
We are aiming to be the place for instructors to develop their online course even if it  is for  small group of students each months, at a reasonable price for both sides. 

because Niche courses are more technical / complex in nature,learned by small amount of students word wide every month and cost more, we think that as added value there should a better communication with the Instructor. for a duration of the course it should be more personal. 

This is why each of the Instructors will have the option to buy 1:1 hours and/or a full guided course scheduled with the instructor.
some of the courses will even come with 1:1 hours as part of the purchasing. 

for example if a course cost 197$ and it comes with 2 hours 1:1 to be taken at the first month of buying, if the hourly Master rate is 100$. basically you got the course for free. just the 2 hours are worth 200$.   

This is a Win Win for the student as well as for the instructor. it also give the incentive for the master to be involved after you buy a course.

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