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Niche and rare Courses

We aim for niche courses that you rarely find. it could be a full subject or a pin point on a specific subject that there is not enough material on or it is too expensive.      

Master Instructors

We find Master instructors on the subject. keep in mind that they are not always English native speakers. but they are experts on the subject. 

Online course platform

The online courses platform is state on the art. streaming content, finished lessons, dripping content and much more. The instructor can add quizzes, files, videos, comments.  

1:1 schedule system

The Instructor can choose to add a module that lets the student buy a package and schedule on permitted defined hours those hours. 

guided courses system

The instructor can choose to create an actual class with webinars of the online course. 
The module let him schedule the sessions and a student can buy it directly from the site. the student will be assigned to the webinars. 

14 days money back

We give you 14 days money back, for online courses no question asked. 

Featured Courses

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Learn ETL with Pentaho PDI online course 
Advance course

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